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This is Hyrbilen – A car rental company

The rental car is a chain of local car hire companies that operate under a common name . Hyrbilen started in 1986 and currently has 60 rental locations from Kiruna in the north to Ystad in the south. 

Our mission is to provide our customers access to modern , well-equipped rental cars at an attractive price . Our fleet includes everything from the smallest car to minivans , light trucks and cabinets.

Om Hyrbilen

We change our cars often and therefore always have the latest both in terms of technology, safety and environment.

Extensive experience, central locations and long opening hours make us a competent supplier of your car rental .

All branches are members of the trade organization Biluthyrarna Sweden ( BURF ) and the Transport Agency issued the permit to operate car rental.

The car crashed or stolen?

HWe work with most insurance companies .

Has your car been crashed or stolen and you get a replacement through your insurance policy is the easiest way to contact us.

Where possible , we deliver the car to your workshop at no additional cost , and of course you will be charged according to the insurance company’s price list.


We guarantee that we will always charge you for our price lists cheapest option.